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How Soon Can Pregnancy Symptoms Be Felt

How Soon Can Pregnancy Symptoms Be Felt

A lot of women want to know how soon they can know they’re pregnant and really it all comes down to the fact that if you’re suspicious of pregnancy.

The only thing you can do is wait until your next period is going to start and then if that day comes when it should start and it doesn’t then it’s time to take a home pregnancy test.


The reason why you have to wait so long is that there’s a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG which is released by your body early in pregnancy and levels rise exponentially until around eight to eleven weeks gestation when they peak but HCG levels aren’t high enough until two weeks after conception for home.


Pregnancy tests to detect it so this is why all you can do is wait until your next period is supposed to start that makes the timing just right for one, The level should be high enough because it’s been two weeks since conception and number two the first sign of pregnancy is in this period so that’s why it’s.


Best to wait until that day comes and then if it never starts then take a home pregnancy test it is possible to get false negatives especially if you all ate a little bit later than the norm because ovulation isn’t a perfect science, Not all women ovulate exactly mid-cycle so I’m ovulating a little bit sooner so I’m a little bit later and this is why some women can get positive.


Pregnancy test results before the day of their missed period and why some don’t get positive results until a few days after their miss period so if you take that first test when you’re suspicious of pregnancy and it’s negative.


But you still haven’t started bleeding in another five to seven days repeat the test and if you get a positive at that point congratulations if it’s still negative though continue to track your bleeding patterns and if you go a total of three months without a period and you’ve ruled out pregnancy as the cause again.


Then it’s time to talk with your doctor and they can discuss the situation with you and decide a further investigation or treatments are necessary for irregular periods good luck.

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