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How to Choose a Doctor For Pregnancy

Hw to Choose a Doctor For Pregnancy

So when someone’s looking for an OB/GYN,  you should ask yourself what it is that you’re hoping to get from it and seek out someone that you feel comfortable with,

talking with and someone that you feel is able to meet your individual needs, depending on whatever it is that you’re seeking consultation regarding.

It is a relationship that can be intimate in a lot of ways for people.

It depends on their comfort level and what they’re concerned about.

And for some people, it’s a very sort of private encounter and so you need to be able to feel comfortable.

There’s no perfect physician out there and so they’re going to be some people who you just feel better with than others.

And so it’s important to find someone you feel comfortable with.

It’s also thought it’s important to seek out someone who you can feel is well trained and you can feel is practicing with up-to-date guidelines and a what we would all want for ourselves,

which is someone that we would trust sending our daughters, or our mothers or our sisters to see.

How to Choose a Doctor For Pregnancy?

so the options are  pretty straightforward there are pediatricians,   family doctors, pediatric nurse, practitioners,  or pediatric physician, associates physician,

assistants and depending on where you live those  different options may be limited or not available

to you but we want you to be informed about what all the available options are so you can

make the best decision for your family, a board-certified pediatrician so these medical  providers have done four years of medical school

and then after that have done at least three  years of specialized medical residency in just

pediatrics where they specialize in everything  from birth uh through adolescence and into the

In the early 20s these people during their training they  spend time in newborn nurseries outpatient clinics

neonatal and pediatric ICUs inpatient hospital  units and also the emergency department

then after they finish their residency training  these pediatricians have to sit for a specialized

licensing exam by the American board of pediatrics to become board certified you can know your

a pediatrician is a board-certified by looking for  the letters f-a-a-p after their name or by using

the American Board of pediatrics verification  tool listed below if a pediatrician is not board

certified it could mean a couple of things the  first is that they are just out of their residency

training and their board exam has not yet been  finalized that’s usually within the first six

months the second option is they have not passed  the board certification exam and the third option

are they have lost that board for certification for  some reason yeah and so if for whatever reason the

the pediatrician you’re planning to see is not board-certified this might cause you to pause a little

the bit you can always ask some questions about it,

How to Choose a Doctor For Pregnancy?

they can let you know more about the kind of if they are certified or not another group of doctors that  care for babies and children are family doctors

this group of doctors also completes four years of  medical school as well as three years of residency

and while they don’t have as much of that  residency time dedicated specifically to

pediatrics have the benefit of caring for all  ages of patients from birth until death really and

so one of the advantages there if you’re seeing a family doctor is that they can see your kiddo from

birth through adulthood as well as potentially you and all of your other children and so that can be

a really wonderful relationship for families for decades to come other great options for pediatric

care providers are nurse practitioners or MPs or  pas which is physician assistants or physician

associates now for the sake and purpose of In  this discussion we’re going to put these two

groups together even though they’ve got different  training and different background so basically NPS

or pas can either practice as part of a family  medicine or pediatrics group where they’re

supervised for by a physician or in some places  they actually have the privileges in licensing

to practice independently so these providers have  the ability to get extra subspecialty training for

care of pediatrics for pas these are called the  ciq or certification of added qualifications

for MPs, you want to make sure and look that they  are a certified pediatric nurse practitioner I’ve

worked with many pediatric nurse practitioners  and pas in the pediatric world and would be more

than happy to have either one of them uh is the primary care provider for our baby to be definitely so how do you actually find a pediatric provider.

How to Choose a Doctor For Pregnancy?

and as we talked about when you are looking for an ob for mom one of the easiest ways also is to

just ask around ask at work ask your friends  ask your obs office and you can even look in

online forums or Facebook groups in your area, yeah and remember that the advice that you get

from these free sources is worth what you  pay for it so please be sure to check their

certifications which you can all find online if  you’re having trouble finding certification at all   it is totally okay to ask a provider’s office for

it would say one of the most common things that   our friends have asked Kurt in terms of pediatrician advice is actually who they should

go see their pediatrician and that was much  easier when we were in residency Kurt worked with

and knew all the general pediatricians we were  there for four years so he could really speak to

people’s personalities and practice styles and  kind of try to match make you know our friends   and who would be good for them to go see for  their pediatrician but now that we are here

in fellowship in a new location we the playing  field is leveled and we are here just like regular

parents trying to figure out who the heck we  should go see for our pediatrician because we just  don’t know people yet Kurt works with pediatric  cardiologists so not general pediatricians and

so I am doing what all of you are doing and asking  friends people I work with who to go see and some   of the greatest advice I have gotten is actually

from my ob-gyn she’s a mom she has four kids and   so she really has a lot of insider information  on who the great pediatricians are in our area so   that’s one to think about in addition to asking

your girlfriend’s people you work with also ask  your ob-gyn if they have any recommendations about  a pediatrician for you to see so once you have   that list of certified pediatric providers in your

the area then comes a difficult task of whittling it   down and making that final choice so to help you  do this we came up with a list of six questions to   ask so the first one is what type of group is it

are there multiple providers am I going to see the  same provider every single time and while it is  nice to get to see that same provider every time   know that if you have an urgent visit you might

not be seeing that provider if you need to get  in the same day yeah um another really important  question is what kind of office hours do they have

do they have night weekend appointments available  and how hard is it to get a same-day appointment

number three is um what happens if you have a  middle of the night concern is there a nurse

or doctor line you can call and then what kind of  fees are associated with that service another good  question to ask is will that pediatrician come and

see you in the hospital before discharge with your  new baby number five is what kind of philosophy and resources are available in your pediatrician’s

office for things like breastfeeding how do they feel about vaccines how do they feel  about circumcision those are important things to

make sure you guys click on yeah and then finally  but and unfortunately an important question to ask does they take your insurance yeah after all of this and usually the most important part of the

the decision is that gut feeling or do you feel like you click with the provider you’ve chosen do you feel like you’re going to be able

to have open and honest communication and ask questions without feeling silly to do you trust their medical advice and if you ever feel like

you have a concern is that the provider gonna take time to listen to you,

How to Choose a Doctor For Pregnancy?

yeah and so this is the important part where the pediatrician or

the pediatric provider is the expert in pediatric
medicine but you as the parent are going to be the

expert in your child no one is going to know them
better than you and so I would say the two most

important parts of picking a pediatric provider are
number one that they have the necessary experience

and training to provide pediatric medicine and
care and number two that you have a trusting

relationship with them with open communication
if you don’t feel like you’re finding these in

the first person you meet or interview, please
if able keep looking and that is where there is

an opportunity to be thinking about this before
you have your baby you can reach out to some of

the different groups you’re interested in to see
if they have this kind of like meet the providers

um event where it can be like an office visit or a
zoom call um to sit down and meet them before baby

comes yeah and so I think one thing though that
we’ve met so many different pediatricians they’re

just so nice I work with NPS these are people that
work with children they love kids hopefully you

guys have an easy time finding something that’s
going to be perfect for you and your families.

Hw to Choose a Doctor For Pregnancy

that’s all we have this week we hope this episode
helps you choose a provider for your new baby that

you are comfortable with we will see you all
next week bye guys we’re doctors but not your



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