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Pregnancy Test How Long To Wait For Results

Pregnancy Test How Long To Wait For Results

If you’ve missed your period and you’re thinking that you might be pregnant you can take it over

the counter pregnancy test and if it’s positive then

you’re pregnant and congratulations but if it’s negative there’s a chance that

you might still be pregnant and maybe you should just wait a couple more days

and take a test again like maybe five to seven days and the reason why you might get a negative result in the first place

just shortly after your period should have happened is because your body starts to secrete a hormone called human

chorionic gonadotropin or HCG which helps to support the pregnancy and it

grows exponentially during the first trimester so maybe those levels just aren’t high enough yet for the pregnancy

tests to detect so give it a few days

wait for those hormones to continue to

rise and then after a few days then

maybe they’ll be detected by the test at

that time.

Pregnancy Test How Long To Wait For Results

a pregnancy test is basically urine or a blood pregnancy

test both of which depends on the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin

which is a hormone of pregnancy so when the value of human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG is less than five

which is a nonpregnant state when it is more than five it can be picked up on a blood test when it is more than 25 it

can be picked up on a urine test a positive pregnancy test at any point in time does not guarantee a viable

pregnancy for a viable pregnancy guarantee we have to see the baby’s heartbeat later on in pregnancy so a

positive pregnancy test has just meant that you are pregnant and the HCG hormone has increased now the head CT

the hormone can increase in many ways and it can give a false-positive result the false-positive results usually come

when there is an abnormal pregnancy when there is just a biochemical pregnancy that means the beta HCG has increased

but there is no baby inside the uterus so in such cases the hormone will

increase and slowly decrease and go off and the urine pregnancy test or blood

the test comes negative so that is biochemical or it can be an abnormal pregnancy that means it’s already

miscarried or it’s a tube the are improper place pregnancy that is a cue

pregnancy for which you have to retest blood values and see or it can be a normal pregnancy early which is still

growing so a false positive test means that the pregnancy test has come

positive but the baby is not dead which is a biochemical pregnancy in that case the pregnancy is never going to grow it

is just a false positive result there is a false negative result that means the pregnancy test has come negative but the

the patient is already pregnant that happens when there are there is some problem with the kid or a contaminated urine

sample or it was a delayed period in cases irregular period it can happen so usually a pregnancy test your urine pregnancy test is 99.5% confirmatory a

a blood test is confirmatory but definitely a follower depending upon the value of my hormones.


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