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Sciatic Nerve Stretches for pregnancy

Sciatic Nerve Stretches for pregnancy

a lot of pregnant women experience sciatica and this is nerve pain caused by  the baby putting pressure on a large nerve that runs through
your trunk down the back of your leg wraps around to the top of your foot.

so to you, it usually feels like really intense pain through the butt cheek and down your leg so if you’re experiencing

that’s probably what it is but it’s always a good idea to talk with your doctor so they can make a sure diagnosis

and make sure that they don’t need to look into anything else that might require treatment.

really it’s something that just might have to be endured during pregnancy because it’s the pressure of the growing baby and

once that’s gone then you should feel better but there are a few things that you can try to help you cope with the pain when you feel it

for one if it’s getting really severe and you’ve been up around and walking a lot rest and it might even help if you lay down with the

the side that’s been hurting up in the air and stretch the butt cheek out that can help a little bit if you’ve if you have

to stand for long periods of time then try putting the affected leg up on a stool or something and kind of stretching for a second

go swimming that will lift the weight of the growing baby and uterus of the nerve temporarily and can give you some relief you can

alternate between using hot packs and cold packs wear flat shoes because if you wear heels that can increase the pain and add to jarring.

also support yourself well when you’re sleeping by tilting to the side put a firm pillow or blanket underneath your belly and one behind your

hip this will help you stay on your side which is how you should sleep after 20 weeks of pregnancy and also offer your back a little more


also, avoid lifting anything heavy and if you are lifting things make sure you’re using proper body mechanics also pay attention to

your posture and make sure that you’re standing up as straight as possible.

Asiatic nerve pain  can be really painful during pregnancy,

and it basically happens because your hip bones are expanding towards the end of the

pregnancy in order to have a vaginal delivery.

It can compress your sciatic nerve, and so I recommend doing prenatal yoga, stretches, and you can actually see

a chiropractor during pregnancy as well

as undergo pelvic physical therapy

during pregnancy.


Sciatic Nerve Stretches for pregnancy


The term sciatica describes the symptoms of leg pain or discomfort that originates in

the lower back and travel through the buttock

and down the large sciatic nerve in the back of each leg.


It is common during pregnancy.

All stretches should be done twice a day.

Hold each stretch for 10-15 seconds and perform
2-3 repetitions.

Repetitive exercises should be done 10-15
times twice a day.

Exercises should be done in a gentle way,

always pain-free.

Alternate legs when performing a single knee
to chest stretch, as shown here.

Try this seated stretch.

Cross one leg on the other, and then use both
arms to pull the knee upwards.

Now push down.


Tie a flexible band around your knees.

Slowly take your legs apart then back together.


Now try it again, but this time on your side.

Next, left the leg upward.

Remember; move in a nice gentle motion.

Pelvic tilts can easily be performed by rolling
the pelvis backward then return to neutral.

Do not lift the hip off the surface when doing
this one!

To progress, perform the pelvic tilt then
lift the hip off the surface.

Next, incorporate a ball squeeze, then pelvic
tilt, then lift.

This is the most advanced.

A modified plank can be done as shown here.

Use a step to perform a seated hamstring stretch.

Place your heel on the step with your toes
extended back towards you and your knee straight.

Slowly lean forward until you feel your hamstring

Advance to a standing hamstring stretch.

Again use the step and bring your toes back
towards you and keep your knee straight.


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