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Veins on Legs During Pregnancy

Veins on Legs During Pregnancy

varicose veins are a very common problem that the female faces in the last trimester of the pregnancy

mainly what are varicose veins happen when the walls of the veins get dilated

and the pooling of the blood happens down and it does not go back then you and then you are able to find

that no webbing with spiral kind of force kind of appearance in their legs and webbing kind of appearance in the

legs we will see that red veins dilated

venous above 1/3rd of the population is suffering from one of the other venous related issues

Among that varicose vein are the common diseases which affect your leg.

These varicose veins are dilated under tortuous veins which are prominently seen in your leg,

which is very prevalent. But the common,

there are four more common causes of varicose veins.

1. hereditary

hereditary means a trans in the family, this is because of the

elastic deficiency in the veins which for which vein loses its an extension

causing varicose veins.

We can see some families the whole family members will be having varicose veins that’s one of the common etiology.

2. pregnancy

we usually see more varicose veins in females that is because of the pregnancy

related varicose veins.

These varicose veins are common in pregnancy because of the hormonal changes which occur in pregnancy

causes these veins to lose their tension causes varicose veins.

After pregnancy, many of them disappear but certain varicose veins tend to progress.

3. obesity

means patients who are obese the vein looks intense to lose its an extension

causing dilated veins which causes varicose veins.

4. profession

that is the profession, which involves the long duration of standing like the factory workers laborers,

the policeman, the teaching profession. This involves standing for a long duration when

what happens when you stand for a long time, the vein loses its extension and causes varicose veins.

RFA and Laser should not be done in pregnancy

because the thermal energy can be harmful

to the babies. So but there will be a problem

but we will have medical management during the pregnancy.

Once the procedure or the pregnancy is over then we need to plan the laser or radiofrequency ablation,

but once during the first pregnancy if they have got the varicose veins

and if they are planning the second pregnancy of the family then before

planning the family,

better to get a laser done during the interval and then plan the next child.


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