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What To Eat Before Glucose Screening Test Pregnancy

What To Eat Before Glucose Screening Test Pregnancy

what is OGTT and what is the exact procedure of OGTT.

first of all the question is why OGTT is indicated?

1) Patients having symptoms of suggestive of diabetes mellitus but fasting blood sugar value is inconclusive between 110 to 126 mg/dl so we can confirm diabetes through OGTT Procedure so sugar level is when 126 mg/dl or above can be confirmed on OGTT procedure

2) During pregnancy this test is performed in pregnant ladies observed excessive weight gaining is noticed with a past history of the big baby weight of baby more than 4 kg or a past history of Miscarriage so an OGTT test is recommended in these women.

3) OGTT is indicated to rule out renal Glucosuria is a condition in which Blood sugar is absolutely normal but the renal tubules or kidney tubules are not capable to reabsorb

even normal sugar in the blood and sugar start excreting in the urine so renal glucosuria is caused due to mutation in a gene called SLC5A2 Gene The sign and symptoms in renal glucosuria is same like diabetes-like dry mouth problem of excess urination the patient going bathroom for urine continuously so renal glucosuria is just a condition and the patient having no diabetic level in blood sugar will come in urine but in blood sugar level will be normal

So what are the requirements for OGTT Test?

What To Eat Before Glucose Screening Test Pregnancy

1) Glaxose-D Box in the form of powder

2) weight machine

3) 300 ml water in a glass

Tell patients to stop medicines 3 days before the OGTT Procedure because some medicines can affect the sugar level in blood Guide the patient to start taking only 150 g carbohydrate daily before 3 days to OGTT procedure Guide the patient to stop smoking just one (1) day before the OGTT procedure and guide patient to fast for at least 8 to 12 hours like tell patient to stop taking food water and smoking from night 9 or 10 pm and come in the morning for test between 8 and 9 am standard time of fasting for OGTT procedure is 12 hours but 8 hours fasting is also acceptable.

so let’s start the procedure?

1) A fasting blood sample obtained with a urine sample if the patient fasting blood sugar is from 110 t0 125 mg/dl then you will perform the OGTT procedure But if the fasting blood sugar level is high and it is more than 130 mg/dl then you can not perform the OGTT procedure because we will give additional 75 gm sugar that will increase the sugar level higher which can cause problems and some other complication.

2) WHO expert committee has recommended 75 g glucose load for the Adults into 300 ml water 75-gram glucose in 300 ml water for adults and 75-gram glucose will be weight by weight machine and 1.75 gram per kilogram body weight up to a maximum of 75-gram glucose in the children so for children the recommended dose of glucose for OGTT test is 1.75 gm/kg for example, a child weight is 10 kg so multiply 1.75 on 10 if the child is 8 kg 1.75 is multiplied on 8 if the child is 5 kg Multiply 1.75 gram on 5 so the result will be a dose of glucose.

3) Glucose is mixed in water (25 gram per 100 ml) in 300 ml it will 75 gram for Adults and the patient should drink it within 5 minutes

4) The second blood sample is taken after 1 hour of glucose taken with a urine sample is important to check a urine sample for ketone bodies and sugar so the second sample is now on random after taking Glucose in water Note the result of ist and 2nd sample.

5) 3rd sample is taken after completion of 2 hours with a urine sample.

6) A 2 hours oral glucose tolerance test is needed for the diagnosis of reactive hypoglycaemia and 3 hours in pregnant women and 4 samples of blood will be taken 1 on fasting and 3 on random

other than pregnant 3 samples are taken 1 on fasting and 2 on random so in two hours 3 sample taken and in pregnant women,

4 samples taken in 3 hours so this is the procedure of OGTT test and

OGTT test is important because we are observing that after taking 75-gram glucose either it will utilize in blood or not if the sugar level is high after taking the result of the last blood sample then it means

the person is diabetic due to less insulin or absence of insulin lets me show you a normal result of OGTT after 2 hours,

so when a patient comes to your lab take an ist sample on fasting the result you can see is 115 now give the patient 75-gram glucose because the sugar is normal on fasting then take 2 sample after 1 hour each and here the results are normal,

135 and 100 mg/dl and all the urine sample is taken with blood is negative and normal for ketone bodies and sugar,

it means the person is not diabetic and normal it means insulin amount is sufficient in his body,

so utilized the glucose taken from outside here another result you can see patient came on fasting his result on fasting was 115 and then 75-gram glucose was given to him and when his 2nd sample was taken on random the sugar level was high to 220 mg/dl,

And in urine, the sugar was also present and positive because the sugar level was 220 and high because the renal threshold of kidneys for glucose is 180 mg/dl but when last sample was taken after the completion of the next 1 hour the glucose was normal to 125 mg/dl so it means this patient is also normal.

because in the last hour his sugar level becomes normal the insulin level was normal.

and it utilizes the excess amount of sugar within 2 hours so this patient is also normalĀ  of a patient came with fasting and his result after fasting was 115 and 75-gram glucose was given to him

after 1 hour when the sample was taken on random the result of sugar was raised to 250 mg/dl and sugar was also coming,

in urine when checked with dipstick after the completion of 2 hours his sugar level was also high when 3rd sample was taken and his sugar was 220 mg/dl and also present in the urine when checked with the dipstick.

it means this person is confirmed diabetic due to the absence of insulin low insulin due to which the free sugar is very high in his blood and coming in urine.

also so this the right method of reporting.

What To Eat Before Glucose Screening Test Pregnancy!


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